Philip Cullen

Other Artforms

I have always been curious about the variety of mediums and processes that can be used creatively. I like to experiment with new processes continuously so in many sense I am a project artist who does not specialise in any medium. Obvious disadvantages to this way of being is the complete clash it has with our Western, financial, logical, aspirational and limited, materialistic thinking. Art agents have freely criticised me over the years for venturing out of stonecarving and for painting images that are not attractive (or too attractive). I do not have a signature brand or style as the methods and mediums consistently change. Paradoxically, my most consistent feature as an artist is in not being artistically consistent in the traditional sense. I'm pretty ahppy with this in the main. None of us are any one thing, we have many different personas, we are fluid, changing for better and for worse constantly. If art is to be a true reflection of the society in which it is created and of the individual then it too must be fluid and grow, recede, die and cease in cycle, like everything else.

Modern capitalisms' great struggle is to keep selling us the same thing over and over whilst trying to make us think that it is something new and different.

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