Philip Cullen

The Empty Chair - Red Lead film-making group (formerly Belong). Trailer of our first short film.


The Loneliest Hour - Red Lead film-making group. Trailer of our second film.


Making 'Am agus Spas' - a short film demonstrating the making of a public commission in stone for Enniscorthy Town Council.


Grennan Mill - a short film of an installation I made in Grennan Mill during the Kilkenny Arts Festival.

Copyright Philip Cullen


Film is the medium of the age, an all-embracing form that incorporates the classical arts. I have ignored it, other than as passive viewer since studying it in art college. Equipment was expensive and video quality poor. However, over the last decade digitilisation and the subsequent democratisation of the medium occurred. I purchased a Canon 5d mk 11 DSLR which allowed artists to create HD films on a stills camera with filmic quality. I became obsessed with equipment and purchased a range of modern and vintage lenses plus objects to create movement for the camera such as a shoulder rig and motorised slider. I have created in-house documentaries for organisations  as well as my own film which is portrait of place and self and time entitled It must be here somewhere...

Film-making is time consuming and despite being the medium of the age it has some important flaws in my opinion. In three and two dimensional work the artist gets to engage with the materials in a physical way which is deeply satisfying and objects such as the brush, paint, canvas, stone, metal or wood become imbued with significance and ends up with a sacred object. With a digital medium the objects used to create it such as the camera, lenses or lighting can become almost sacred tools but the end product is not physical. Most of us are not allowed to touch art in any case but film is most definitely untouchable and illusory.

To see trailers and short films please follow the links to Vimeo.