Philip Cullen

Community Arts

I have been working as an artist in the community since 1995. It turned my creative life into something much richer and more diverse than if I had just sunk into myself and my own creativity for all of those years. Maintaining my own art practice and community arts simultaneously has been difficult at times. I have occasionally felt envy as I watched others being very creative whilst I was suspended in a teaching or supportive role. I believe it is important for artists to meaningfully integrate into society and culture, whilst still trying to maintain one's own creative output and self-development. It provided me with an income and career and is deeply connected to the arts. It is however a marginilised area within the arts despite having been the beneficiary of funding shifts over the last twenty five years.

Groups that I have worked with include the following: adults, children, men's groups, women's groups, Travellers, People with disability, teenagers, Asylum Seekers, Older Men, young offenders, people with addiction, patients in hospital, people with mental health issues, community groups from marginilsed areas,

I have met and worked with many fantastic and interesting people over these years and it continues to be an important part of my work and life.

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