Philip Cullen

Art Therapy

In 2014 I realised a long-held ambition, and was accepted onto the Art Therapy MA course in the Crawford College of Art & Design. What followed was an intense and exciting journey of self & group discovery. I became very interested in Carl Jung and the methods of therapeutic arts. Despite working therapeutically in the arts for twenty years I needed an intellectual backing to synthesise and concretise my experience. Art therapy training provided this and was a fantastic educational and developmental experience. The tutors were great in differing ways and at times I relived the magic of Cork that I knew as a young art student.

Many hours placement in psychiatric institutions  provided invaluable clinical experience and a better understanding of what illness can do to disrupt person's life.

The training deeply influenced my practice with the Red Lead film-making group and patients in Renal Dialysis.

During the three years I created a large body of images and developed new methods of self-expression.

The documentary A Place to Go was created from within this intense experience.

I currently am running a private practice from my studio in Kilkenny.

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