Philip Cullen

Acrylic paint is a fantastic medium. It is not so technically demanding as oil, and can therefore allow me to relax and be expressive . It can be subtle, muted or brilliant in effect. The process is ritualistic and satisfying. Because of its nature many other materials and objects, such as string, sand, ground marble, glass beads and plastic can be mixed in with the paint or primer to create unusual textures.

I use artist quality materials at all times so that the images, if cared for, should last a very long time.

Most recently I have been working in acrylic using a multi-layered approach. Paint is applied, left for a while then returned to over many months. The images are the result of many different layers and textures intermingling and obscuring each other.  In some ways this work will be always unfinished. The technique and medium  allows constant overpainting. It is an effort to symbolise the multidimensional aspect of existence, each day, even each moment, is a new layer of experience superimposed upon the preceding one. Our human desire for order and pattern superimposes a construct of reality over an experience that is in truth random and chaotic yet filled with pattern.

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